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How to scan Walmart receipts


Scaning Walmart receipts is a very useful method to organize and manage your budget and savings. Thankfully, Walmart gives us many easy and quick options to scan Walmart receipts.

For scanning Walmart receipts, many applications and tools are available. First, you can scan your receipt with the Walmart app. and many other tools and applications scan your receipts with one click.

The reason to use the other apps is that they offer cashback and saving opportunities. 

After we dive into our topic, it is very essential that you have installed the Walmart app on your phone. First, we installed the Walmart app on your phone. It’s very simple to install the Walmart app on your phone.


Download the Walmart app.

Open your phone app store, Play Store, or any other store you use to download applications.

When you search for “walmart,” you get the first app on your store. Now click on them and install them on your phone.

Setting up the Walmart app..

Once the Walmart application is installed on your phone, open it and grant the necessary permissions.

After granting the permissions, fill in the required information that it will ask you to provide to create your account, such as your location and email. mobile number, preferred store, etc.

Now let’s dive into our topic: how to scan a Walmart receipt.


Open your Walmart application and login to your account.


the picture shows that when you create and login your walmart account you will see this type of interface



Now open the navigational menu by clicking on the three horizontal dots on the top corner of your phone.
Select “purchase history” from the menu.

this picture shows, that when you login your account you see your mobile top corner your name after you click on them you will see that type of screen


Now you’ll be eligible to access the receipt scanning feature.
Click on “+.”and align your receipt according the camera frame.
If the app recognizes your receipt, it will be automatically saved to your purchase history.


Important note:

Always remember to update your Walmart application from time to time because the old version of the application causes many types of bugs. So many times the scanning and many options will not work properly, so it’s best to keep your Walmart application up to date.


Verifying your receipt is successfully scanned.

Ensure the receipt is completely visible.
Check that the items and price mentioned on the receipt are clearly visible and scannable.
After scanning your receipt, you’ll see your camera paused for a sec, which means your receipt is scanned. Also, check that after scanning the receipt, the receipt record is available in your purchase history.


Digital receipt of your Walmart.


this picture represent the how walmart receipt looks


First, link your payment method with your Walmart application.
Select the “WALMART PAY” option within the app at checkout or when paying a bill at Walmart.


this picture respresents, that how you use and see walmart pay option


Scan the QR code on the payment terminal to complete the transaction.
Payment will automatically receive and detect money from your following payment method, which will be given to you in the application.
Now you have the official receipt for your purchases at Walmart.

Other scanning applications.


For scanning a paper receipt from the other applications, maybe it is much easier for you to scan your receipts as compared to the Walmart app. To scan your receipts on those applications, you must follow the steps.

Place your receipt on a flat surface where a good amount of light is easily visible to scan.
Open your scanning app or your smart phone’s document scanning mode, if available on your device.
After opening your camera, align your receipt with the camera frame.
And then click on the shutter button.
And save your document in PDF or digital format.

Scan applications are given below. I will try these applications several times to scan my receipts.


Zoho expense
Genius scan
Quick books
Nano nets
Smart receipts
Dext prepare


  • it’s very simple and easy to use to scan your receipts.

Advice for you:

I can advise you on some important things according to my experience in the retail industry.

First, take complete advantage of the cashback program offered by the receipt scanning app. I know it’s not a big amount, but it’s plenty good to avoid free-hand shopping.



I will give a short overview of our topic today, “How to Scan Walmart Receipts.” We will discuss many important things. And we also discussed some important bullet points, and we learned many easy and best ways to scan your receipts. I will give my experienced advice. Please consider my advice to scan your receipts. I hope I can answer all your eligible questions. which can relate to this topic, “How to Scan Walmart Receipts,” if I miss something and do not cover today’s article. Post your comment, and I will try my best to solve your question.




Yes, Walmart can check your receipt. It's a common practice for Walmart employees, often at the store's exit, to request and inspect receipts to verify your purchases. This is part of their efforts to prevent theft and ensure that all items have been paid for. It's typically a quick and routine process, and cooperation is usually appreciated. If you have any concerns or questions about this procedure, feel free to ask a Walmart associate for clarification.
The UPC code on a Walmart receipt is a unique product identifier.
1. Check your pockets, bags, and email. 2. Visit the Walmart store where you made the purchase. 3. Use the Walmart app if you linked your purchase. 4. Contact Walmart customer support for assistance. 5. Review credit card statements as a last resort.
Yes, you can scan your receipt on the Walmart App.
To look up a Walmart barcode, use the Walmart App's barcode scanner feature.

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